Current car

Our current car is around 5 years old. It is pretty unique as it is the only giraffe coloured car on the grid and has a very furry feel!

During the 2023 season we have made some minor modifications to some of the mechanical components, serviced the car, improved some of the electronics and programming and started to improve its aerodynamics.

New car

We’re currently in the process of designing and building our car for the 2024 IET Formula 24 season. This will be a scratch-built car meaning we will construct every element of it including doing the machining, assembly, electronics and mechanical component construction. We hope to be ready to race this car in mid-2024.

In order to construct this car, we need to raise around £2,000. If you think you can help with sponsorship or contributing your time and expertise, please visit our sponsorship page for more information.